.a.miswired.shortwave.radio. (thurs_day) wrote,

Dear Sir or Madam:
we must inform you that there is no room
left for you now
and you must leave
despite all your years of faithful service
and the courage you showed on many
and despite the fact that many of your fondest dreams
have yet to be realized.
still, you were better than most,
you accepted adversity without complaint,
you drove an automobile carefully,
you served your country and your employers well,
your compassion for
your unloving spouse and
care less children
never wavered,
you never farted in public,
you refused to exhibit rancor,
you were acceptably normal, fairly understanding and rarely foolish,
you also remembered all birthdays, holidays and special occasions,
you drank but never to excess,
you seldom cursed,
you lived within all the rules you never made,
you were healthy without effort,
courteous without being prompted,
you even read the classics at an early age,
you were not what we call selfish or debased,
you were even likeable most of the time,
but now-bang!-
you're dead, you're dead, and
you must leave because
there is
no room
left here

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