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thurs_day's Journal

7 December

That *a kiss in calibers* would paint these skies with the color they were meant to be
is a fact that will press the gun to my desire.
And for brittle lips to collide with such tragic wounds
upon the waking moment of each 24 hour regret
will only allow such a bitter medicine
to acts as a reminder
of the fallacy
in a wishful heart murmer.

Yours Always
12 hour turn, a dying daydream, a fall farewell, a jealousy issue, a skyline fracture, a static lullaby, affinity, as friends rust, blacktop cadence, blood brothers, blue skies burning, botch, boy sets fire, boys night out, braid, brand new, breaking pangaea, bright eyes, built to spill, by a thread, cadillac blindside, camera obscura, cave in, ceerius records, christi front drive, coheed and cambria, combatwoundedveteran, converge, cross my heart, curl up and die, cursive, days away, desaparecidos, drowningman, eiffel, elliot, every time i die, fairweather, fall forward, far, farside, fastbreak, favez, festival of dead deer, fireside, fortheloveof, from autumn to ashes, further seems forever, glasseater, glassjaw, grade, grimple, head automatica, hopefalls, hot cross, hundred reasons, i hate myself, i have dreams, in pieces, ink and dagger, inside, jawbreaker, jericho, jets to brazil, junction 18, keepsake, kid dynamite, kite flying society, knapsack, left for dead, life in pictures, lifetime, midvale, mineral, modest mouse, morning again, motion city soundtrack, my chemical romance, new end original, northstar, not waving but drowning, now she's gone, one amazin' kid, onelinedrawing, open hand, orchid, party of helicopters, penfold, pg. 99, planes mistaken for stars, poison the well, portrait, prevent falls, rainer maria, recover, refused, remembering never, rescue, rival schools, saetia, sense field, shai hulud, sharks keep moving, silent majority, since by man, skycamefalling, small brown bike, snapcase, spirit of versailles, stretch arm strong, strike anywhere, sunny day real estate, taken, taking back sunday, texas is the reason, the appleseed cast, the assistant, the beloved, the casket lottery, the dillinger escape plan, the dropscience, the get up kids, the gloria record, the grey area, the i in team, the june spirit, the liars academy, the locust, the lyndsay diaries, the mars volta, the memory, the miracle of 86, the movie life, the new amsterdams, the promise ring, the reason, the rise, the rocking horse winner, the stryder, these arms are snakes, this computer kills, this day forward, thisyearsmodel, three summers gone, thursday, trembling blue stars, under a dying sun, vitreous humor, when dreams die, you and i